Meat and Ponies

6 04 2012

So, the riding club’s welcome barbecue: I was expecting the same sort of food you’d get at a British barbecue since I was under the misconception that barbecues are pretty much the same wherever you go in the world; instead, we got yakisoba and yakiniku, that just kept coming. When everyone said they were full, they cracked out some marshmallows for us to toast over the embers of the barbecue. I met several more members this time, and everyone was very kind and welcoming towards me still. I’m getting better at giving self-introductions in Japanese, too; I still find it an awkwardly formal thing to have to do among a bunch of people you’re supposed to be hanging out with for fun, but seeing as it seems to be the way things are done here in all situations where a bunch of people who don’t know each other come together I guess I have to get used to it.

There was no riding today, but they did let the ponies out for a run in the yard while everyone was eating. We were given bits of chopped carrot to feed them. In addition to the white one I met on Wednesday (whose name, I discovered, is Shiro – it’s Japanese for ‘white’, imaginitively) there is actually also a smaller, far more skittish skewbald pony as well, called Chibi. I didn’t get to pet that one as he wouldn’t go near anyone. Shiro, on the other had, very forwardly kept nudging, biting and snorting on me in a bid to try and get more treats out of me, until he got the message that I’d given him everything I had and stopped coming to me at all. I ended up covered in pony snot and spit, and not remotely bothered about it.

There’s another event tomorrow, which is a practice demonstration for the new starters. I shall be going along to that as well.




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