9 04 2012

Today was my first day back at university after the two month spring holiday. Because I am trying to get into a good pattern with my sleep and to get used to getting up stupidly early in order to attend the riding club, plus that I am really not a morning person and so like to avoid human interactions at all costs first thing, I tried to be up and out of the flat as quickly as possible, even though I didn’t have class until 10:40. It worked in that I got to avoid having any contact with my flatmates prior to school, and also enabled me to take some more pictures of the cherry blossoms on campus as this weekend had been their peak and they won’t be around very much longer.

I found my class to be cancelled, so I came back home to do some mucking about at the bank and then headed up to Baji Kouen to take pictures of the cherry blossoms there. Baji Kouen is an ‘equestrian park’ open to the public near where I live; it has stables and a riding school, and you can watch competitive show-jumping there on Sundays free of charge. My university’s riding team periodically competes there. I actually spent most of my days during the holidays there (after being kicked out of the library for trying to study) just watching the riders practice. There were no riders practising today, but it was still beautiful, and I got to see a couple of the horses, although not up-close, sadly.




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