Catching up…

11 04 2012

I spoke too soon about not being tired yesterday! It’s all caught up with me today. I was fine getting up this morning and I was fine at the stables, but since I finished there just after 9:00 today in spite of not having any class until 14:40, I decided to head home and have lunch there. ‘Heading home for lunch’ turned into ‘getting home, having an extended nap by accident and having to rush lunch into order to get to school on time’, and in spite of this I still feel utterly shattered now and don’t see myself having any trouble getting off to sleep in a couple of hours’ time. I suppose that’s what I get for signing up to an outdoor activity club that runs every day the same week as I start back at school!

Today, I got shown how to prepare all the horses’ feed. It’s complicated! Each horse gets all the various grains and meals and oil that accompany their hay cubes in its own unique ratio dictated by a chart a whiteboard, and to be honest I don’t think I got it, as much because I don’t know all their names and can’t read everything that’s written on the board as because there’s a lot to remember anyway. Still, I learn most efficiently by doing, so I’m sure I’ll get to grips with it fairly quickly if they give me opportunities to practice with supervision.

Other than that it wasn’t really that much different from yesterday, other than that as I was being lead around the yard on a slack lead to practise ‘nami-ashi’ (walking pace) atop beautiful Hokon again, a gust of wind caused a heavy drift of petals from the cherry trees around the yard and down on us, prompting me to start quietly humming ‘O Fortuna’ to myself and wishing I had the freedom to kick Hokon into a dramatic canter. Heh.





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