13 04 2012

On what’s fast become a normal day for me, I’d be at Shinjuku changing trains by now, but yesterday evening while I was in the bath and had already got everything ready for today so I could go straight to bed after it, I got an email to my phone from my sempai at the riding club telling me that due to ‘low attendance’ new starters weren’t required to be at the stables this morning. This is because there are only two horses there at the moment; the others have all been taken to Baji Kouen to compete, so their regular riders will be going there to practise with them.

I should have seen this coming, really, as we spent yesterday morning cleaning the stables, sweeping out the yard and grooming the horses without actually riding them, then watching as the more experienced club members loaded them into the horse box in pairs and drove them off, and were let off early. It was still disappointing, though.

I got to groom the ponies, who continue to be a pair of adorable yet misbehaved runts; while I was combing his mane and tail, Shiro-chan stole one of my gloves out of my pocket and wouldn’t give it back. Heh. I also had the pleasure of grooming Hokon again. It was a pleasure, but yesterday he kept trying to kick me and my sempai; possibly because he’s got several insect bites at the moment (which we carefully applied ointment to when we were done) and really doesn’t seem to like getting wet (although we only cleaned his hooves on this occasion). This was how I learned the importance of standing exactly where and how they tell you to in relation to the horse; makes ducking out of the way suddenly if you have to so much easier! I’m sure he forgave me afterwards, though, as he stuck his head out to be petted after we put him back in his stall and didn’t turn his head away when I did.




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