Boot Resolution

22 04 2012

Today I was allowed to ride a horse by myself (as in, independently and not on a lead)! It was Hokon. I had fun, although the sempai who oversaw this wasn’t entirely satisfied with my control of Hokon when she instructed me to trot around her in a circle. Because of this, I was instructed to walk Hokon from the main track into the circular pen, and once we were in there, she clipped a lead onto his bridle and walked alongside me giving me instruction as we trotted (and she ran) in a circle.

This way, I was able to practise getting into the trot again. I went around in a circle a few times in one direction on a slack lead, but when I turned him around and to go around again the other way, Hokon broke into a canter – twice, which, exciting as it was for me, was not meant to happen. After the second time this happened, I was asked to dismount. Another sempai who’d been watching said afterwards that it hadn’t been my fault and that a cat had scared him, but I think it might have been my posture or foot position again; I think that because I wasn’t concentrating on keeping my heels down I’d inadvertently kicked him into it. Nevertheless, it’s good having things to work on. If one knows everything, one can learn nothing, after all. Heh.

I was really tired afterwards, and upon returning home had to have a hour’s nap. That had been the longest time I’d had in the saddle since I started, and although I didn’t ache afterwards (and still don’t), I was/am nevertheless very aware of my muscles. For all the things I’m doing on an almost daily basis now that are proving to be quite strenuous (sweeping, scrubbing, brushing and mucking out included), I had better have a body like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 by the end of this semester!

Also, I have resolved my boot worries! I took a detour and called in at Horsy International (my local tack shop) on my way home to ask if I could try on the next foot-size up in an XL, but they still didn’t fit, and the man who served me said that he regretted that he didn’t know when they’d get any XXL-sized boots in. However, on my way home from there, I walked past a boutique that was selling discounted Hunter wellies. I have borrowed a pair of these from one of the managers to ride in before, and although they’re not purpose-made riding boots they are nonetheless very comfortable and renowned for being durable. So, I stopped to have a look at those, only to see a different pair of unbranded wellies for less than half the price again that were almost identical in appearance to a more expensive model of the pair of Aigle riding boots I’d wanted to buy (the differences being that these are slightly lower cut in the leg and without the characteristic curved top), and also featuring the recommended flat, treadless sole and slight heel. The smallest size they had them in was a size larger than I wear, but I tried them on anyway and they fit, so I bought them without hesitation. Maybe not exactly what I wanted, but a better-than-fair compromise that has saved me a lot of money!




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