The Ups AND The Downs

25 04 2012

I had a rather humbling riding experience today.  I received one-on-one instruction in stopping, starting and steering, all just at walking pace, but my mount today was a fleabitten-grey female by the name of Shirika. She was a bumpy ride, to put it in base terms, and she was very unresponsive to my instructions, even though I wasn’t being asked to do anything I didn’t already know how to do in theory, and I was following the instructions I was being given by my sempai. Worse still, she had been beautifully compliant for the girl who went before me. I dismounted feeling a little humiliated and dispirited by this, but in spite of having been knocked down a couple of pegs, I was able to rationalise it afterwards as a healthy reminder that some horses are easier to ride than others, and that assuming I know how to do things already could become a barrier to my learning anything new, so I would probably do well to adopt a beginner’s mindset and just do exactly as I’m told all the time.

Amusingly, however, I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me to riding club, and so had to attend school afterwards covered in white hairs and still smelling of horse. If anyone noticed, they were too polite to say anything…




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