Did you say food?…

26 04 2012

Today I didn’t get to do any riding at all; out of concern that the rain would get worse, they cut basic practice short and called the horses inside. Sod’s Law then decreed that the rain eased off. Oh well!

I did have an awesome experience, though; I got to give Hokon his food. I didn’t expect this to be as much fun as it turned out to be as usually the horses ignore you completely and go for the bucket after you’ve left, but when I approached his stall he had his back to me and I called out, ‘Hokon! Gohan da yo!‘ (‘Hokon, it’s dinner!’), mainly hoping to get him to turn around since it’s dangerous to walk around the back of a horse, and he sharply turned on his hooves to face me whilst loudly making excited noises halfway between a whinney and a growl, which sounded a bit like a cross between a distressed pig and a telephone, only in a lower register. He was prancing a little and continuing to make excited noises as I entered, and stuck his head straight in the bucket before I’d even had a chance to hang it up or scatter his hay on the floor. I patted him on the neck before I left, and he turned around and gave me a big slobbery kiss on the forehead. D’awwww!




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