Lotto’s Modern Life

2 05 2012

This morning, I got up to the usual mix of chores, and more walking-independently practice on Lotto with one-to-one instruction. My turn on him was essentially his cool-down from my sempai’s training for an upcoming dressage competition, with coaching. The coach came over to explain to me what he’d been doing with her, and very kindly to speak English, but I insisted he use Japanese – in for a penny, in for a pound.  As an aside, I am not fluent in Japanese by any means and generally at riding club I get the gist of what people are saying to me rather than understanding everything everyone is saying to me all the time, but I’m conscious that if I don’t try I won’t learn anything, and I hoped that my membership of the club would help my Japanese to improve as well as give me an opportunity to ride. Getting back to the actual riding itself, everything came along much more naturally today, my main issue being my own inability to tell the difference between left and right. Heh.

Afterwards, I completely forgot myself and gave Lotto a kiss when he rested his head on my shoulder as I was removing his bridle. My sempai saw this, and laughed. That was rather embarrassing, actually; I didn’t entirely mean to do it, it just sort of happened. Nevertheless, horse-kisses for the win. Heh.

Incidentally, I now have a very clearly half-hoof-shaped bruise in the middle of my right foot. Definitely broken! Only one of my toes turned out to be broken, however, so I taped it to the one next to it, since that’s all they’d have been able to do if I’d gone to hospital, and since only about a centimetre of the hoof-shaped bruise on my foot itself is black I’m guessing there’s just a tiny fracture which again no-one could really do anything about. I can still walk okay. Anti-inflammatories it is… *shrug*




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