Rain Without End

3 05 2012

I didn’t get to do any riding at all today due to heavy rain. That meant there was twice as much to do around the stables, though, with bringing in laundry that had been rained on, cleaning out horses’ stalls with them still in them, getting the horses that weren’t being practised on out and walking them up and down the length of the stables to ensure they got some exercise and so forth. The upper year students still got to do a little show jumping in spite of the rain, which meant the rest of us got soaked to the bone in the practice arena adjusting the fences for them. Then all the horses that had been outside had to be brought in, given a full wash, and then tethered in the spaces between the stalls while we dried them off and groomed them.

My foot was better today, though. It’s still a funny colour where it got stepped on, but I forgot to take any painkillers and aside from the odd uncomfortable twinge it felt normal. I realised when I tried to run that I couldn’t, however…




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