Equestrian Team Owns You Now

19 05 2012

I am quite shattered from an entire day of doing horsey things, which started at 7am and has just ended now at 8pm Japanese time. I’m writing this on my phone on the train home.

It started with ordinary club practice. Cleaned out Tifon, went to watch the others practise on Hokon for a while, went back and tacked Tifon up, did some walking practice on her. She was mostly well-behaved, but getting her to walk alongside the wooded side of the track remains difficult; first sight of a cat or a crow and she spooks, which certainly makes riding her interesting, but I don’t really like it because I know she’s unhappy.

Tifon wasn’t that dirty so we just cleaned her hooves and groomed her before putting her back. She craned her neck into where I was grooming it, too. I must have developed a knack.

Then, because our sempai were competing at Baji Kouen and the lady I give English lessons to wanted to go there with me to watch the team, I headed over there to meet her. As with the last time I went to see my team at a competition, the schedule was not adhered to, which sadly on this occasion meant I only had time to watch one of them, who was disqualified, unfortunately, because Shirika refused to jump the first fence.

After that, I had to rush back to the stables to help prepare for the return of four of the horses. I was there from 3:30pm onward, and ate my (convenience-store bought) dinner there. Once the horses were back, it didn’t end there; there was blanket and boot-scrubbing to do, and the horses had to be washed and fed.

Thank goodness Monster recently went on sale in Japan!

Attached is a photo I managed to grab of Daria after he’d been returned to his stall with an afro from having his hair up during the dressage competition. Heh.




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