Reality Bites!

20 05 2012

Today was more or less an ordinary day for me. There were still three horses away today, but because I had an existing afternoon appointment I was excused from staying late to help out again this time.

Today started with bucket-cleaning and sweeping rather than stall-cleaning, followed by assisted tacking-up of Max. He was my mount today. Closely supervised, I did more trotting practice. My posture’s all wrong, apparently, so after watching how I did it myself just relaxing in the saddle and not rising with the trot, I was given some pointers, then told to do it again with my feet out of the stirrups, then again with my feet out of the stirrups again and one hand resting at my side while I held the reins and neck-strap in the other. I was told off again for gripping with my knees; I noted that just trusting the horse works just as well in keeping you in place, so I must keep this in mind at all times.

Max was lunged briefly after myself and another first year had taken turns on him, but sadly he tripped and fell onto his knees. It was horrid to see. Thankfully he wasn’t badly injured, but his right knee and nose got grazed. After he got up they stopped and lead him around the track to cool down, and then took him inside.

Myself and the other first year were left to remove his bandages while our sempai made up an isotonic drink for him. Understandably upset, he bit me hard on my shoulder as I reached for his injured leg. The attached image is of the mark it left. It doesn’t look too angry now.

After we gave him a gentle all-over wash, the fur was carefully cut away from his leg-wound and he was properly cleaned up and medicined. I was tasked with cleaning up his face – including the grazed area – which I undertook with the utmost care. Although he didn’t hide his discomfort, he was beautifully well-behaved for me as I did this.

Poor Max. Let’s hope he heals up quickly.




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