I can even write about nothing

23 05 2012

Not a lot to report besides the usual, really. Today, for the first time, I cleaned out little Shiro’s stall. For all he may be little, Shiro is probably the most misbehaved and obnoxious of all the equines, and he did not come quietly to be lead out of his stall and tethered up outside while I did this, attempting to bolt instead with me still trying to hang on to his lead. An upper year student intervened and took him off my hands.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that I don’t get to ride on Wednesdays. I am sure there is a very good, considered reason for this, but to me it seems illogical because I have no lessons that I have to leave early for. Nevertheless, it means I get the Important Task of standing by the entrance to the practice ground and opening the barrier when anyone wants to ride in or out, and in between doing that just watch other people riding. Yay!

After everyone who was getting a turn at riding had finished and returned their horses, I tried to make myself useful as best as I could, but all the menial work seemed to have been done already, so after cleaning horse boots and giving some rolls of bandages a preliminary soak and squeeze, I wandered around aimlessly for a while before asking another first year (who seems to have had quite a bit of previous riding experience) if she would like me to help her wash Shirika. I ended up finishing this task by myself as she had to leave to attend a class, and leading Shirika back into her stall to eat her dinner by myself as well. I enjoy being trusted to do things like this with the horses. Shirika was well behaved, but she was wearing a mesh jacket to help her fur dry faster, and she kept trying to unfasten it with her teeth and then giving me The Northern Look when I told her not to.

However, one of the second-year sempai then tipped me off that she likes having her chin touched. This had me amused for quite a few minutes, as I noticed you could stroke it, tap it, boing it and pull it about and she seemed to enjoy it all. I was also amused when I pulled on it to reveal her teeth, to find that her tongue was sticking out of one side of her mouth. Heh.

Tomorrow, I have to be in early to be shown the correct way to poke a thermometer up a horse’s bottom. And then, I get to do it to every single one of them. All the glamorous jobs!…




2 responses

23 05 2012

Is it weird that I’m jealous you get to take their temperatures?

24 05 2012

Only if it’s bad that I’m quite looking forward to it. Heh.

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