30 05 2012

As suspected, not a lot to write home about. Attended club. Mucked out a stall. Swept up. Watched upper years’ practice. Helped a few of them dismount. Ooh, I did do a new thing I’d never done before, though; I helped to clean the inside of the horse box, which was, needless to say, utterly filthy. There were three of us; a sempai with a damp cloth doing the walls, another first year with a hose and me with a stiff-bristled mop scrubbing the floor, trying to get horse manure fibres out of the pile of whatever substance carpeted the floor and pushing them out in the running water. An amusing conversation was had in here; the other first year commented on how very hard I always seem to work on making things clean, and our sempai effectively replied with, ‘Yes. Is this a problem?’ And we laughed. I’ve noticed that I certainly seem to be among the most vigorously/meticulously clean and tidy people at the stables, too – in fact, I’ve been told off a few times for taking too long to do things because I was caught up in doing them perfectly – and I often find myself thinking, How do you keep someone with OCD occupied for hours?… Give them a dustpan and brush in a stable. Heh.

The horse I interacted with the most directly today was Yuki. I thought he was the biggest horse we have, but it turns out Daria is taller. Anyway, I only washed his face and groomed him. It amuses me how horses all look elegant and refined and graceful from a distance, but when you look at them up close they’re actually really goofy-looking. Yuki really didn’t want to have his face washed, and held his head up out of the way and refused to put it down for me for some time. Which was funny, because when he did eventually concede, he seemed to really enjoy it. Daft animal.

I’ve been notified that my next ride will happen on Friday, and that I will be riding Max. Yay.




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