A horse who has been trained with shouts…

2 06 2012

Still not a lot to report on. I’m still required to be around, but I’m really only standing around waiting until such a time as the dog’s body work needs doing to be called in to help rather than getting to ride or enjoy any other meaningful interactions with the horses, and that’s how it looks like it’s going to be for the rest of this month, only with extended hours of it as I’ll be expected to help out when the competitions and shows are taking place. I’d like to keep the overall tone of this this blog as positive as possible, so while I won’t deny I’m finding it pretty tough and frustrating already, I won’t harp on about it either since it’s unlikely I will quit for fear I might miss out on further opportunities to ride and bond with the horses. Even my ride with Max yesterday turned out not to be a ride; it was actually just a test to see whether I could tack him up correctly. (I think I passed it.)

The new horse has been a subject of amusement, however. I’ve only been able to watch him from a distance, but he’s so different from the other horses. While most of ours are thoroughbreds, they’ve grown accustomed to a life of being exercised quite hard every day and are much older, which means that although they retain the characteristic gangly legs and long faces of thoroughbreds, they have a lot of muscle mass. Kit, on the other hand, looks like a stereotypical young racing thoroughbred; upright and so skinny he almost looks like a cardboard cut-out of a horse.

He moves with the characteristic grace of a thoroughbred too. Well… most of the time. Heh. In the last week, I’ve seen him be perfectly well behaved and responsive to minimal rider commands whilst being ridden by experienced riders, but I also witnessed him throw the same first year off twice consecutively on the same day. I guess this is the result of a young horse who is a bit nervous at being in a new environment with new people who had thitherto been rigidly trained not quite knowing how to deal with an inexperienced and slightly unsure rider. Much as I sympathised with Kit’s apparent confusion while the individual in question was trying to kick him into a trot, it was quite funny to watch. He obviously wasn’t entirely sure of what he was being asked to do, and first started walking backwards, then turning, and something about the way he moved combined with his narrow frame reminded me of the way fish move in an aquarium. Eventually he just bolted, jerking his hind quarters up to get the silly confusing human off him. I am pleased to report that the human in question was neither hurt nor deterred, and that Kit is okay, too. Heh.

His tail has a definite purple hue to it when the sun catches it. Is that even possible?…




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