Full Circle (Again)

3 06 2012

I’m starting to wonder if someone who is either a member of or connected to the riding club in some way is reading my blog. Whenever I write anything with even the slightest hint that I might be even the least bit dissatisfied, it’d followed by a lovely and fulfilling day at the stables. My stats suggest that I do have visitors from Japan, but I have been hitherto unable to tell whether this is just me loading the page when I’m not logged in. Anyway, if anyone from Japan is reading, hi! Feel free to speak up and correct any mistakes I make in my posts.

Anyway, today again we still had a horse out competing, so while club practice went ahead pretty much as normal in the morning we still all had to hang around afterwards to help out when docile Tifon returned. I started out mucking out, and was told afterwards to get ready to ride the new horse – Kit. I was so excited at both this and the fact that I was getting an opportunity to ride again that I hadn’t expected that I totally forgot to play the Knight Rider theme music in my head while I was riding him. That, and I was busily concentrating on what I was doing.

Kit was wonderful to ride! I managed to keep control of him okay throughout, but it took all my concentration to do so. Unlike the other horses I’ve grown accustomed to riding, I couldn’t control him using predominantly my legs; I had to keep him on a short rein and use voice commands and clicks as well, because it was obvious  from the moment I mounted him that he just wanted to do what he wanted and ignore me. That in itself was brilliant, though, because it made it much more exciting for me. We started off walking around the circular pen, then went into trotting practice. Because I was having to concentrate so much on keeping him going around the outside edge and keeping him trotting, I forgot to relax, which meant we ended up going around in a fast canter as he misinterpreted my muscular tension, but after I’d managed to persuaded myself that everything was okay and I wasn’t going to fall off, I managed to pull him back to a stop. After that we resumed trotting practice. It was hard, but thoroughly enjoyable. Two sempai were in the pen with me by the time I dismounted, and they flattered me by telling me I was getting better at it very quickly. Afterwards, the taller of the two reiterated the importance of relaxing in the saddle to me, assuring me that it’s not scary. Heh.

After that, the three of us who had ridden Kit in turns all washed and groomed him in a team effort. His tail definitely has got a purple hue to it. I later learned that he is only five years old. No wonder he looks so much like he’d float away on the breeze if he was left untethered!




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