A Time to Relax

5 06 2012

Monday was a normal day off again this week. Today club practice resumed, but I didn’t attend this morning; technically, while I’ve been going every day purely out of love for the horses, everyone gets one pre-determined off-day in the week, and another at the weekend. My weekday-off is Tuesday, and a combination of schoolwork commitments and general exhaustion lead to my decision to pass on it today.

However, I received an email from one of the fourth-year sempai today with a list of horse names with first year names next to them, under weekday headings. It was unclear exactly what it meant, but I assume it’s either a tacking-up test again or a riding schedule.

My name was against Hokon’s. Might have punched the air a little. Heh.

Here’s hoping that his behaviour last time we were paired up was a blip, or he’s forgiven me for whatever I did wrong!…




One response

30 06 2012

Reblogged this on gsug and commented:
Heh! I have this on my phone now. And it works much better. Rah for glucosamine.

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