17 06 2012

Yesterday they let me canter on a lunge (with Max) for the first time! Okay, okay, so the sempai who was instructing me kept telling me to stop and start again because I was doing it all wrong, but it was awesome fun. When you’re not used to it, it’s fairly terrifying going at that speed, especially round and round in a circle in a pen with a pronounced camber around the outside edge, but in an awesome and exhilarating way! And, I remembered to play Orff’s ‘O Fortuna’ in my head – which made me smile, which in turn helped me to relax in the saddle. Heh.

I have six weeks left in Japan, in which time I hope to build my confidence at this!

Today, I got to ride Kit again. He’s still a nervy sack of springs and bones made entirely of knees who needs to be kept on a short rein, and I still find him fun to ride because of it. Heh. This time I wasn’t on a lunge, and we just did trotting practice, but I got a nice, long time at it. It took me a while to get into it properly, probably because my extended punishment caused me to forget a lot of the things you have to remember. I still need more practice, but the main thing I need to keep in mind at all times is that when you relax – both your legs and your body – it’s much easier. Much easier. The rest will come with practice.

Other than that I’ve just been trying to look busy and stay out of trouble! Heh.




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