Dem Bones

27 06 2012

So, today I should have gone back to riding club but I didn’t. I continued to be in pain and stiff after my fall on Sunday, so I decided to play it safe and have a few days’ rest. Today I felt more limber than I have done since the fall, but when I actually went outside was another story – and I most certainly wasn’t comfortable walking down stairs, let alone up them again (I got the lift back up to my apartment). A second attempt will be made tomorrow morning. The pain has progressed from being around my whole coccyx and right pelvic area to just concentrated around my right hip joint in the last few days, however, and over the course of today it’s felt as though it’s loosened up considerably, so fingers crossed. I wasn’t sleeping well before either as I had to wake up every time I wanted to turn over, but I got a solid night’s sleep last night.

I will no doubt be punished again for my absence by being made to go in early and clean out one of the horses’ stalls before the register is taken again, but so be it.




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30 06 2012

Reblogged this on gsug and commented:
Heh! I have this on my phone now. And it works much better. Rah for glucosamine.

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