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29 06 2012

Still out! Not that it looks like anyone’s reading. Ah well. I shall continue to keep a record for myself. Heh.

As I am now only in Japan for another five weeks and the stressors that were interfering with my ability to keep up regular posts to this blog are slowly dissolving, I will endeavour to write an update for every day that I attend riding club.

Which wasn’t today. The hip is still bothering me, but it is getting a little better and a little easier to walk on every day. I hope to return tomorrow – and I will be getting there early to muck out a stall in case I’ve been penalised for having time off again. Oh well, needs must!

The plus side is that when I ventured to my local 100-yen shop this afternoon to restock on tea I found they are selling glucosamine tablets there, so I bought some. I hope this aids my recovery!




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29 06 2012

Hello, I’m still reading! I’m also walking oddly because last night I fell off a horse too. He lost his balance and fell in canter so I went bouncing across the school. I don’t think I took as much damage as you did but I definitely wouldn’t be doing any stable work in the next few days either. I guess if we had our own horses we might have to suck it up and manage somehow but I’m grateful to be able to rest and recover.

Best of luck for your return!

30 06 2012

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you had a fall too! I hope you recover quickly, it’s rubbish having to stay at home when you could be riding.

If I had my own horse (one day! one day!) I think I’d have been doing a lot of lunging! Heh.

30 06 2012

Me too, I am still reading. I just have trouble leaving comments sometimes. Good luck for the weekend. xxx

30 06 2012

Reblogged this on gsug and commented:
Heh! I have this on my phone now. And it works much better. Rah for glucosamine.

30 06 2012

It would be pretty hypocritical of me *not* to take glucosamine now given how many people I’ve recommended it to that have joint stiffness problems!

Glad you’re still enjoying this 🙂

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