30 June, 2012 18:00

30 06 2012

I love technology, and as testament to this today I am updating you from my mobile phone on the train coming home from riding club. (Which is also air conditioned, of which I am grateful since it’s 29゜C outside.) Heh.

Well, as suspected, my name is under the heading of ‘Bappu’ on the whiteboard with the number four written against it. I don’t know how that translates, but I know what it means: I have to clean out four stalls before the register is taken before I’m allowed to ride again. At a rate of one per day of attendance, which is what I can *realistically* achieve, that means four days to clear it. Hopefully I can do it in time for next Saturday (my birthday!); I tried to get there early today to do this, but I failed.

My reception back was a friendly and sympathetic one, however. Everyone asked me if I was all right, and seemed both genuinely concerned and happy to see me back. It seems a few first years have quit recently. I can understand, it is tough sometimes, but for me it’s about the horses and the fact I’ve only got a few more weeks left now.

Anyway, today for me consisted of mucking out Kit’s stall, sweeping up afterwards, then for a long while watching the others practice, during the course of which I performed the important tasks of opening and closing the gate, taking the horses by the reins while others mounted or dismounted, poop-collecting and serving the coaches tea. After everyone had finished, I went around the riding ground checking it was clean and all the wooden poles were resting on something in case it rained. Finally, I helped the others oil the saddles and bridles (my least favourite job), went round and checked all the horses had enough water, and that was it.

My hip has held up fine today. For the first time this week, I felt no discomfort on waking, was fine getting out of bed and had no difficulty standing on one leg to get my trousers on. Since I left the flat it felt a little bruised while I was walking, but not painful or anything. It did start to hurt a little bit after I’d finished mucking out Kit’s stall and it’s still uncomfortable when I bend over, but so much better than before. It’s probably a good thing I won’t be riding again straight away, it’ll give me a chance to get it moving comfortably before that happens…




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1 07 2012

Reblogged this on gsug and commented:
Yippee. Back in the saddle soon! Fingers crossed you ride on your birthday. Xxx

2 07 2012

Reblogged this on gsug and commented:
Good for you! Back in the saddle and taking on more challenges too.. Good news about the hip. Jumping eh? Maybe next week? Xxx

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