An Ending of Sorts

6 07 2012

… No! Of course I don’t mean I’m quitting… at least not until I have no choice about it! I mean I’ve cleared my name by carrying out my sentence for my absence last week and have re-joined the ranks of those who are allocated to ride every day.

The horses were, in order of getting cleaned out: Max, Max again, Hokon and Kit. Heh.

It seems that my having been allowed to ride on Sunday must have been something to do with numbers, because I didn’t get to ride again until this morning after I’d cleared the final strike against my name. Today’s practice was trotting on Kit, who I was a bit nervous about riding again, understandably I think (especially after witnessing him spook and try to throw the boy who went before me, who is a much more experienced rider than I am).

He was okay today, though. All the mistakes were mine, but as I’ve always seemed to find with lessons recently I was rubbish and getting everything wrong to begin with and doing things right by the end of it. Today’s lesson seemed largely to be about getting to grips with controlling the horse in the main riding ground whilst trotting, and I learned some things I didn’t actually know until today. Like, if you want the horse to turn you can do it by kicking them in the opposite side to the direction you want them to go in, and how to time this. I feel a bit sorry for horses generally now, though; their whole existence seems to be about getting kicked in one manner or another and having to ascertain what was meant by the particular kind of kick they’ve been issued with!

Another nice thing I got to do recently was holding bowls of Pocari Sweat for the horses to drink while they were being washed/groomed after being ridden. In particular, Tosuka (who is a mare! As it turns out.) It seems the horses really like Pocari Sweat; Tosuka was so excited about getting to drink some that in her eagerness she accidentally inhaled some through her nostrils… and then snorted it back out in my face. This was adorable, and I found it hard to mind.

Also… the club is being featured in a weekly magazine here!

AERA Magazine

This is for AERA Magazine, a weekly opinion rag produced by the Asahi Shimbun. I am on the lookout for a copy of the issue so I can buy one for posterity! Fifth person in from the left (dressed all in black) in the main picture is me 😀 I’m famous!

Oh yes, and the horses are (left-right:) Yuki, Shirika and Max. The one in the other picture is Daria. Heh.




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