If the shoe fits…

16 07 2012

There is no update from today. I was so exhausted from the previous day that while I got up and got ready to go to club practice, I ended up about-facing and going straight back home and to bed. I have spent most of today unintentionally lapsing in and out of sleep and I am still tired.

In a way I am glad I didn’t go. I received a notification from the club’s mailing list to say that during practice the nails in Kit’s hooves had come loose and left him shoeless, meaning he cannot be used for practice now. As he is the horse I seem to mainly be getting assigned to at the moment, I am relieved that this did not happen while I was riding him, as I have no idea how that might have gone down.  I hope that both Kit and anyone who might have practised on him today are okay!




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