7 09 2012

I haven’t been riding again yet – that will happen tomorrow. It’s going to be my last session in Nottingham and I’m looking forward to it immensely, although also kind of sad. Whilst when I started having lessons at that lovely riding school I was hoping they’d give me a different horse each time, this week I’m actually really hoping I’ll get Tara again because she’s so lovely and I’d like to be able to say goodbye to her properly.

No, the purpose of today’s post is that a friend from the Equestrian Team at Gakushuin in Tokyo emailed me some photos she had taken, including ones of me actually riding!

So, there you have it – proof that I actually rode horses in Japan, and didn’t just hassle them. Heh.




One response

8 09 2012

I tried leaving a comment on the photos themselves……hmm, didn’t seem to work.
I like the photo of intense concentration…is your tongue poking out? lol
I also like your position on the 4th photo, the only thing I would say is that your reins are quite long, everything else looks good!
Thanks for sharing!!

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