New Equestrian Team!

18 09 2012

It has now been over a week since I last had any direct contact with horses. EQUINE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. *twitch* *judder*

(Although, I did see some horses grazing in a field as I was on my way from one place to another. This is a fairly common sight where I live now, which is lovely!)

Anyway, I have some other news – today I signed up for the university riding club! The club secretary has put me on their mailing list, and since they were down in the sports hall as part of the freshers’ fair I decided to take the opportunity to go down and say hello. They were very friendly and welcoming, and I chatted to them for a while. They group people according to experience, and go out riding on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays according to when people are available, and meet for a social and to collect people’s lesson fees from them in a pub every Tuesday evening.

Sadly they weren’t able to tell me when the first opportunity to go riding with them would be, but the reason for this is that they want to sign up all the freshers who are interested in joining first and then take things from there, which makes sense.

I just want to get back in the saddle!!! Not too much longer now, though, hopefully…




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18 09 2012

So, kind of wondering….are the club fees a one time thing? Are they included in tuition? Sounds like you are going to be having a blast!

18 09 2012

There’s a one time membership fee, which covers you for the whole year and includes insurance and all of that sort of thing, and then you pay a small fee for each lesson. Sadly it’s not included in our tuition, but we do get cheaper rates from the riding school they use for being students. Heh.

Ironically, in terms of value for money, it works out far more expensive than the monthly flat rate I was paying in Tokyo… but about half the cost of the school I went to in Nottingham. Oh, and the lessons are one hour as opposed to 45 minutes, which is good!

25 09 2012

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Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah! For horses 🙂

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