Good news comes in… SMS text messages, actually

21 09 2012

My first ride with the university riding club looks set to take place on Friday, 5th October. This will be more an assessment so that the instructor can see what level I’m at. Thereafter I’ll probably ride once a week on either Sundays or Friday afternoons depending on what other commitments I have. My height and weight have been taken so I can be matched to an appropriate horse, and I am looking forward to meeting him or her and seeing the new school!

BUT: on Saturday 6th October, I shall be in Nottingham again, and I’m going for a hack on beautiful Tara! This is quite literally the best news I had today. It might sound stupid since I have only ridden her twice, but I really miss her! I’m really looking forward to seeing how she is out in the woods rather than in the school…




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22 09 2012

Are you nervous for your assessment? I found out that the school I am applying for next year has several riding clubs (3-day eventing club, dressage club, hunter/jumper club and a western club) which is great, I think I would probably try the dressage club but I saw that they have assessments as well which makes me all self doubty lol. Good luck and have fun!

22 09 2012

I’m not nervous. I guess it will just be the instructor wanting to see what I can do already so that they know which group to put me in for classes. More than anything, I’m just glad to be getting a chance to go riding again in a new place with some different horses!

I think that dressage is what I’d ultimately like to work towards, so best of luck with that! I wouldn’t be concerned – I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

24 09 2012

I hope the horse they match you with is lovely – best of luck!

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