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21 10 2012

So, I’m updating from the school! I’ve just had my lesson, the girl taking her intermediate class is just having it now. I figured that since I have the technology and nothing else to do, why not update?

My lesson was okay. I had a different instructor this time who I found a bit harder to follow, but I got used to her teaching style and her broad accent more and more as the lesson went on. I rode a *gorgeous*, tall, black warmblood gelding called Ryan; I was warned that he’s grumpy and hard to keep moving, but that he’s good for getting novices practised at kicking a horse on for that reason.

I struggled with him a bit. We practised rising trot and posting on the correct diagonal, and that was it, really. Oh, and a lot of walking around the school whilst stood up in the stirrups – which I found really helpful in getting me to sink my weight into my heels properly.

That’s it, really. No photos, I’m afraid – the other girl did agree to take some, but my lesson took place in the indoor school while she was out in the yard filling in a form, and didn’t realise what was happening. Never mind, though! I’m sure there will be other opportunities.




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21 10 2012

Sounds like you had a useful lesson. And another characterful horse to get know too. Here’s to the next lesson x

22 10 2012

To be honest, it wasn’t. I didn’t come away from it feeling like I’d got a lot out of it, and I didn’t really have all that much *fun*. With all my lessons before, in spite of the odd bad day where I’ve had a horse that didn’t want to listen to me at all, I always enjoyed myself or at least felt like I’d got a lot out of it. I didn’t this time. With that and the cost of all the travelling, I’m actually thinking looking for another school closer by. I may have found one; it’s about an hour’s walk from where I live and not accessible by public transport, but even walking there and back and having a private lesson would work out cheaper and no less time consuming than carrying on going to this place.

I have booked myself on one more lesson at this place, and sent an enquiry to the other school about taking a one-off lesson there to see what it’s like with a view to going more regularly.

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