I’m So Happy!

25 01 2013

… And not just for myself! The one and only first year Japanese student I know well enough to be on speaking terms with at my university has got into Gakushuin… AND SHE’S A HORSEY GIRL!

I’ve already promised to meet up with her and impart my knowledge of horse riding terminology in Japanese, as I understand that talking to me at a tea ceremony meeting about the riding there was one of the reasons she was interested in applying there. She has already said to me that if she was successful in getting in there, she would make full use of the riding!

Which of course means… I’ll have a sort-of – if only loose – connection to Hokon again, and I’ll get to find out how he’s doing!

I welled up a bit at that thought. Heh.

Awww, I want to go back and see them all again! ❤




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