Still no horse riding!

25 03 2013

It’s Monday again and I haven’t been riding… again! 😦 This is because I couldn’t afford the lesson fee this week, unfortunately.

I have been doing the Pilates DVD, however, and so far, so good. The most difficult thing about it is remembering to breathe while you’ve got your stomach pulled in and your thighs and glutes rolled firmly inwards, but I hope that by doing the exercises every day it’ll all get easier. I can’t comment on whether or not it’s had a positive impact on my riding at this stage, obviously, but I’m hoping that if it does anything during this downtime it’ll just be that I don’t return to riding after this unintentionally-extended break having forgotten how to do literally everything, which is my main concern as I won’t be  going next week either due to the Easter bank holiday. That’s almost a full month without horse-time! 😦

Anyway, more on the exercises, as promised. I’ve only been doing the basic Pilates exercises – well, that’s not true, actually; the first time I tried them out I accidentally started the advanced exercises, and got halfway through them before realizing my mistake (if it hadn’t been for the voice-over telling me to repeat an exercise x number of times and then jumping straight to the next one, I wouldn’t have noticed). They are clearly explained, and you observe three participants going through the motions for you to follow, one of whom bends their knees and keeps her head on a pillow at all times so you can see how to do it if you can’t quite manage anything or have neck or back problems. It’s all very clear and easy to follow, with sufficient pause between exercises to relax for a moment before moving onto the next one. After completing the exercises I felt warm but I wasn’t sweating and my back felt much looser, which has got to be a good sign, right?

I’ll stick with it and say if I feel like it’s making a difference as I go along…




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26 03 2013

Impressive. I have the book Pilates for riders but I can’t say I’ve actually done much from it – I find the warmup exercises challenging enough that I rarely get beyond them! Reading it has given me more tools to think about my riding position with and I keep meaning to get round to actually doing some of the pilates …

28 03 2013

That’s exactly why I didn’t get the book! I had *a* pilates book ages ago, and although I found the preface and appendices interesting to read I found it weird and de-motivating following written instructions on how to exercise. I’d imagine you could probably put it to good use now you have a horse of your own, though… if you can find time to fit it in!

26 03 2013

A whole month! I bet you won’t lose any of your riding ability but when you do get back in the saddle it will be twice as sweet!
Keep us posted on the pilates.

28 03 2013

I dreamed about going riding last night. I dreamed that my mum came along with me to watch my lesson, only Soapy wasn’t in her stable and I couldn’t find her, then the whole school turned into an amusement arcade with slot machines.

Equine withdrawal 😦

27 03 2013

The Pilates for riders seems like a great idea. I do Pilates but do wonder if maybe there are certain individual exercises that would be better than others, so looking forward to hearing your experiences with it.
I have felt a difference in my core and my posture on the horse is definitely better, I am not forever getting told to put my shoulders back 🙂 Just keep focusing on how great it will be when you get back in saddle.

28 03 2013

It certainly looks that way from the presentation on the video – she explains what the purpose of each exercise is in riding terms, and there are a few places in which the display cuts to footage of a dressage rider in the saddle with her voice-over continuing to give you a better idea of what she’s talking about.

I think the DVD is well over-priced based on the length of the work-outs and the overall quality of the picture, audio and packaging, but in spite of all of that the actual content does seem to be very good. I’m glad I bought it with Paypal credit for less than the RRP – it doesn’t feel like real money, and I was trying to be rid of the stuff I sold to get it anyway!

29 03 2013

On a tablet…..harder , to type. Money is an unfortunate necessity for sports 😦 However very interesting reading about the Pilates. ? I do yoga and I ice danced,,,, wouldn’t say I have a strong core at all. Any Pilates I’ve tried has been beyond difficult, so kudos.

2 04 2013

Thank you!

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