Fleeting update…

2 04 2013

I still haven’t been horse riding again, although I’m down for a lesson this coming Monday! I just wanted to check in with a brief update about what I have been doing in horse-related things since my last update.

The Pilates is coming along. For all my criticisms of the price-to-production-quality ratio of the DVD, the instructions are really easy to follow, even when I’m not in a position to glance up at the screen, and I am beginning to feel it working. Especially starting up again today after the long bank holiday weekend we’ve just had here in the UK, for the duration of which I’ve not had an opportunity to practise! I did catch myself pulling my shoulders down and my stomach in unconsciously a few times over those four days, though. Heh. I wouldn’t say that the exercises themselves were getting easier, but I am feeling them more when I do them, which I think is a good sign…

What I have been doing, though is watching a jousting tournament at the Royal Armouries at my home in Leeds! This was absolutely fantastic, and it was made for me by being able to see that the horses who were used – who were supplied by a company by the name of Atkin’s Action Horses – were really enjoying themselves, particularly a young little horse by the name of Aramis whose tail was going around like a little propeller throughout the two days we were there watching, and a white horse called Benito they were struggling to hold back!

It’s late and I should be off to bed shortly so I’m going to sign off here, but I promise to write a proper report of this event soon – hopefully with pictures, if I can steal them in time!




One response

3 04 2013

Looking forward to any photos. I like that you are sticking with the Pilates. Hoping Monday lesson works out and is good!

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