Easter Jousting at Royal Armouries Leeds

11 04 2013

I will update about the jousting the other weekend once I have photos to illustrate my own write-up with… in the meatime, here is someone else’s excellent post about it!

Judge-Tutor Semple

We’ve had Jousting in Leeds for quite some time now, the Royal Armouries opened in 1996. I started going on a regular basis to watch with my children in 1999. I made them look in the museum too, not sure they enjoyed that as much as I did. They did however love the jousting and the Falconry displays.

The joust in Leeds is very popular and I like to see the final, some years we would go to more than one joust of a Tournament. Now with the joust being less frequent it is essential to book ahead for the final, I was remiss and had to settle for booking for the last of the preliminary rounds.

Let me assure you the Royal Armouries put the welfare of the horses very high in its priorities and the horses appear to genuinely enjoy the sport.

All images in this article were…

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