What, no update?…

11 06 2013

That’s right. There is no update on my riding endeavours this week. I know I said that I could now afford to go riding every week again, but unfortunately I was admitted to hospital at the weekend and was only discharged today. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious and I am fit and well again now. Sadly this does mean that it’s in my interests to lay off the Pilates for the remainder of this week to ensure I’ve healed completely before I exert myself again in any way, which is a shame because regardless as to whether or not it was having a positive impact on my riding, I’d developed what I thought to be a healthy addiction to it and the positive changes to my appearance it was bringing about.

More gutting, however, is that I had actually already cancelled my lesson before there was any question of my falling ill, having received an invitation to the Bramham Horse Trials from a friend from university at the eleventh hour and not really being in a position to do both, and realising that getting offered a ticket to an event like that isn’t an everyday occurrence. (I wanted to watch the eventing first and foremost, of course, and hoped to meet some of the lovely horses, but I will admit that the thought flashed through my mind that it would make an awesome blog write-up, especially if I took photos).

To add insult to injury, my friend and the mutual acquaintance who drove them there posted statuses to Facebook on the Sunday morning about how the two of them had been making and having breakfast with William Fox-Pitt, which I read from the comfort of my hospital bed on my mobile phone.

I think I am well-justified in saying, ‘Drat.’ Heh.




3 responses

12 06 2013

Hope you are feeling all better now, definitely best to give everything a rest so you are fighting fit. Gutting about missing Bramham Horse Trials and just typical that your mates get to hang out with William Fox-Pitt – not at all jealous.

12 06 2013

There’s never a good time for these things, but somehow they always happen just at the worst times. Hope you’re back to full strength again soon.

12 06 2013
The Dancing Rider

Well you know I don’t mean “like” in the standard sense. Hope you are feeling much better upon reading this! And what a time for this to have happened. 😦 Sorry you had to miss the horse trials. And breakfast with WFP. Yes, I know who he is, and have greatly admired his riding! Hang in there so that you’re solid for riding!

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