Well… bugger.

29 01 2014

Oh noes! I spoke too soon… No horseriding for me for some time, as I have just broken my ankle. I don’t know exactly how I have broken it, as the nurses at the Minor Injury Unit I attended didn’t tell me much beyond fixing my lower leg into a plaster cast and telling me I had to go and see an orthopaedic surgeon at the fracture clinic on Friday morning. I know I have snapped a tendon. I am walking on crutches and having to keep it elevated, and I have even been told that if I have to go up stairs I need to do it on my bum.

I would like to tell you I did it doing something badass, but no, I just bent it the wrong way after landing on the wrong bit of my foot while I was pottering about at home.


On the plus side, walking on crutches is a bit like galloping. And I have taught myself to canter on them. Heh.