e-Petition for Equine Welfare

17 02 2014

Healing continues apace. My ankle was already broken as it turned out, and the real issue was the subluxation of my peroneal tendon, which now seems to have relocated. The swelling and bruises have certainly dissipated. I am still having to wear a ‘walker-boot‘ daily and taking a crutch outside with me wherever I go since the joint is still very weak and tires quickly, but for the most part I am not in any pain. Which is nice.

I very much doubt that at this rate I shall see a (riding) horse before my follow-up appointment with the orthopaedic consultant on 6th March. However, I did want to bring this petition to the attention of readers in the UK. It’ll probably take you less than two minutes to complete, won’t cost you anything, and concerns something I hope you’ll all agree is very close to all of our hearts.

Thank you, and happy riding!