Stubble Fields at Dusk

16 09 2015

Here is a transcript/translation of a conversation I had with Puzzle this evening:

Me: ‘Now, canter.’
Puzzle: ‘I’m gonna trot really fast behind Kira!’
Me: ‘No, canter.’
Puzzle: ‘Oh okay. Canter.’
Puzzle: ‘NOW GALLOP!’
Me: ‘No, canter.’
Puzzle: ‘Will this really fast trot do?’
Puzzle: ‘Gee, okay, I’ll canter.’
*canters for three strides to the end of the field*
Me: ‘Now walk, please.’
Puzzle: ‘HAPPY NOW?’




2 responses

17 09 2015

Haha, this sounds familiar ☺

29 09 2015

Too true! I have this conversation with my horse a fair bit too. Although for us its more me asking her to trot when all she wants to do is canter.

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