An Ending and New Beginnings

21 10 2015

It is with some disappointment that I must declare that my part-loan arrangement with Puzzle came to an end this evening.

This did not entirely come as a surprise. While we had gone for another few months of no issues leading, handling or riding, over the last three weeks – possibly as a result of the temperature dropping and there being less grass in the fields for the horses to eat – we had another couple of incidents, both in which he got away from me and I didn’t know how to handle it. Both of these were a knock to my confidence, and as his human quite rightly pointed out, the partnership we had forming was too much on his terms and it wasn’t really safe for either of us any more.

I could tell that it was more difficult for her to tell me this than it was for me to hear it, and I felt quite sorry for her, to be honest, so I just did the best I could to make it easy. She is right, though; I am not experienced enough for a tricky character like him, and if his behaviour wasn’t immediately nipped in the bud it would only escalate further until he was routinely difficult with everyone just because he thought he could be. And that’s aside from the very real possibility that one of us might end up injured.

I didn’t ride him this evening. I seem to be coming down with a chesty cough and cold so I was only planning a short and sedate one anyway, but after our conversation I decided just to groom him and hang out with him in his stall. I decided that while a bit of gentle walk and trot would have been nice, any spooks from sudden fireworks would have left me gasping for breath and I would rather not have had to deal with that with a faulty respiratory system. He was completely sweet and loving towards me in his stall, but I have grown used to the contrast between the angel in the stable and the devil on the end of the lead rope now.

This is not all doom and gloom, though; this very same evening, it has been agreed that I will instead loan one of his friends, Luna. Luna is a sweet little dun with a whiskery face, who is forward going, bomb-proof and much less complicated than Puzzle. The pony at the bottom of the herd hierarchy, my observation of her is that she is quite happy to be left to her own devices and not get embroiled in any silly pony politics.

It helps that she shares a name with the goth princess from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Heh. The added silver lining to this cloud is that now, I will be able to hack out on a weekend with Puzzle and his human, which is good for both of us, as the other lady we used to ride out with will shortly be leaving and taking her two horses with her.

A blessing in disguise? Watch this space, I guess.

And this is Luna!

And this is Luna!




7 responses

21 10 2015

So pleased you still have a loan pony and Luna looks lovely.Happy riding 😉

21 10 2015

Get well soon!

21 10 2015
Soapy Photo Girl

Thank you!

22 10 2015

Sorry to hear Puzzle didn’t work out, but delighted to hear you’re starting a new journey with Luna. Good luck!

22 10 2015
Soapy Photo Girl

Thank you! I went to see her this evening and it seemed to go well. I’m really happy with the way things have worked out!

24 10 2015

Sorry to hear your partnership with Puzzle wasn’t to be but happy for you to have found Luna. Oh and get well soon.

25 10 2015
Soapy Photo Girl

Oh, thank you!

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