Hello, and Happy Anniversary

4 04 2017

Hello, blogosphere. It’s been a while. A heady mix of adult responsibilities, the need to sleep, development of a social life and finally-diagnosed ADHD conspired to keep me from here.

BUT here I am again, writing to you today on a mobile phone on public transport, headed for the stables. It’s almost like being in Japan again… except the bus doesn’t have aircon and the phone is *much* smarter.

It’s five years today since I took up riding again. How about that? Well, I’m pleased to say I never stopped. Where did I leave off? Oh, that’s right – with the end of my partnership with Puzzle, and the beginning of my loanership of Luna.

Well, I’m delighted to say that Luna and I are much better suited to one another, and yes, we’re still together. I see her three times a week. In summer, when the horses are all out on 24-hour turnout, that means I ride three times a week. In winter, it typically means I ride twice and do all the jobs another. One of the days I have her is Saturday, and typically we go out with a friend on a hack first thing. We’re really spoiled for nice routes to ride out on, although we do have to go out on the roads quite a lot.

My confidence as a rider is much better. I wish I had more opportunities to have lessons on Luna, but even without she’s taught me a lot. She’s naughty, but never nasty, so she’s been a good match in terms of my level of competence; she gives me just enough to think about, while at the same time looking after me. She is also really good fun to hack out on. She’s confident, rarely spooks, and has a fast, flat, balanced canter. I think she would make a good jousting pony!

Five years have got me to where I am today, and while it hasn’t always been easy and there have been times when I’ve wanted to give it all up, I’ve arrived at a place where I can’t imagine not having horses in my life any more. To the next five years!




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