Max Power

17 04 2012

Riding club today started on my hands and knees scrubbing the horses’ competition wear from the weekend. This was followed by a longer-than-previously (although still not independent) ride around the track on a *gorgeous*, tall, seal-brown fellow called Max, then grooming him and Shiro-chan, resulting in my lovely new all-black riding gear turning grey and hairy. I was also taught various knots used in tethering horses and tidying away their bridles and leads.

I had an upsetting experience, though; I was really taken with Max, but while I was grooming him with the brush (I was chuffed, because on this occasion they handed me the brush and rubber curry comb and left me to it), he kept twitching, then trying to kick and bite me, and then trying to wriggle away from me. I called the girl who was meant to be supervising me over to check if I was doing anything wrong, check his back for tender spots and so forth, but she couldn’t find anything, and he kept doing it. Seeing him so distressed and knowing that it was because of me was really upsetting me, but thankfully then a sempai came and said I’d been given the wrong brush, and fetched me a softer one. He was completely fine after that, and let me rub his face and neck to say sorry afterwards without attempting to bite me. They let me lead him back to his stall unassisted, too. He’s lovely, but I’m kind of worried he’ll have a lasting bad impression of me now. We’ll see.


The Importance of Suitable Trousers

15 04 2012

Even though I didn’t get to go riding this weekend, I did get to see some of ours competing! This was in dressage trials, which went ahead in spite of the torrential rain with all the riders giving it their all in their top hats, competition whites and blazers in spite of the downpour. I’ve been down to Baji Kouen to watch the competitions before, but it made a significant difference seeing horses and riders I was familiar with. Although the weather today was beautiful, because of the rain yesterday myself and one other girl were the only supporters who showed up for the dressage. Although I’d have gone anyway because I wanted to see the competition, I kind of hope that’s earned me some brownie points at the same time.

I also took delivery of my jodhpurs (which I ordered online from the UK due to Japanese prices for riding gear being… prohibitive)! This is great, as all week so far I’ve been borrowing other people’s, which, while they fit me, have invariably been a bit tight around the middle and short in the leg. I feel like a real person now 😀 I also went out and bought a polo shirt, but because I am a douchebag I bought I *men’s* small, which is rather too big for me, and I’ve cut the tags off already so I can’t take it back. Oops!

Anyway, sizing problems aside, now I have all the gear apart from the boots. I would like to own a pair of my own and can just about afford to buy some, but for what I can afford I can either get a pair of synthetic tall boots or a pair of genuine leather ankle boots and chaps (which, worn together, more or less look like tall boots anyway). The former would be durable and easy to clean and care for, the latter would require more upkeep but might be more breathable with summer just around the corner. Unfortunately, genuine tall leather boots cost much more than I can afford. Decisions, decisions!